Park Legacy Program

To request a Tribute Tree or brick memory paver, please complete the form below.  For more information, please call 303-722-6262 or email

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Please submit 3 options for each Tribute Tree.

****As of January 2024, Denver Forestry has switched from TreeKeeper to a new platform. They are currently working to transfer all of their city-wide data to the new platform. Forestry is doing their best to update TreeKeeper’s planting sites solely for Tribute Tree purposes, however Treekeeper might not always be 100% accurate as they navigate this update in addition to their normal duties. We will do our best to communicate with them about requests as requests come in, but please be patient with us if there are discrepancies between what is on TreeKeeper and what is actually available/unavailable.****

To find Site ID #’s: 

  • Click this link to go to the TreeKeeper website.
  • You can follow this link for more in depth instructions on using TreeKeeper.
  • Type the name of your park of choice in the search bar located at the top left of the page on and select "Address Lookup: park name will appear here" when the dropdown menu appears.
  • Zoom in until you see colored dots on the screen. Solid red dots and solid blue dots represent available planting sites. Green dots represent existing trees and are therefore not available planting sites. Please make sure your choices are located within a park.
  • Click a dot, and a pop up window will appear and display the Site ID #.

Please note:

Once you have submitted site ID choices, you have until the request deadline (January 31st or July 31st, depending on your request date) to change your mind about your site preferences. Please take the time to visit the locations of your requests to ensure that you are happy with the sites - trees will not be transplanted after planting in order to best promote their survival. 

Tribute Tree Information

Please enter your THREE preferred Site ID #'s separated by commas. Ex. "19065, 19034, 19030"

Tribute Pavers

All pavers are installed in the Hazel Gates Woodruff Tribute Garden, just behind the Eugene Field House on the eastern edge of Washington Park (near the intersection of South Franklin Street and Exposition Avenue).

Tribute Paver Information

Paver text includes 3 lines that will be centered on the brick. Each line may include up to 20 characters (including spaces and punctuation) in lowercase font, or 16 if in all capital letters). Please type in all capital letters if that is how you would like it to appear on the paver.

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